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Race and teacher identity in EAP - Olive Nabukeera

Race and teacher identity in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) - Olive Nabukeera - 

I am currently working on two projects:

1. I am writing a chapter for a volume in the Bloomsbury Series entitled "Navigating and challenging 'the agentive' in language teacher education". The title of my chapter is "The Visible Invisibility of Black academics in TESOL in the United States". Editors are: Leonardo Veliz, Min Hue Nguyen, Yvette Slaughter, Gary Bonar.

2. I am designing a comparative study that examines the experiences of Black EAP educators in higher education across three distinct identities: Black British, Black American, and Black African, by exploring the intersections of race, language and educational practice within these three different cultural contexts. By offering a comparative analysis, this study may provide crucial insights into the global dynamics of Black teacher identity in higher education, as well as offer actionable implications for policy, practice, and professional development initiatives aimed at promoting inclusivity and equity in Western higher education institutions.