Welcome to the Centre for Excellence in Language Teaching

CELT is based in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, where it promotes language teaching scholarship and supports language teaching innovations and investigations. CELT fosters a vibrant community of staff and students, and we share and disseminate scholarship within the school and the broader University, within disciplinary and professional communities, and beyond.

Since CELT’s official opening by the Vice Chancellor on the 15th of September 2017, it has created and encouraged a wealth of collaborative pedagogical projects. We are particularly excited about:

  • our online journal ‘The Language Scholar’. The aim of this journal is to enable colleagues and students within the school as well as contributors from other institutions to publish their work and thoughts in a wide variety of multimodal genres, from critical reviews to thought pieces and case studies.
  • students as co-investigators of language education and pedagogy. Scholarship groups are being set up within the school to investigate particular themes, for example, ‘CLIL’, ‘Ab Initio language teaching’, ‘good writing in the disciplines’, ‘digital language teaching’ and to explore assessment across languages.
  • and many more. See our Events page for further info, and for upcoming opportunities to get involved.

This gives just a flavour of what the Centre is trying to achieve. CELT has many ambitions but its principal ambition is to support and develop a vibrant culture of pedagogical investigations, in collaboration with students and the wider communities to which we belong.

Dr Alex Ding,

Director of Scholarship