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Criticality? Critical Thinking? – Kashmir Kaur

Criticality? Critical Thinking? – Kashmir Kaur –
My scholarship project is concerning ‘criticality’ in higher education. It’s a concept that is a requirement for success in academic disciplines and a key competency required by employers. Literature and anecdotal evidence show that students find demonstrating criticality in their writing and engaging with it in their reading a challenge.
My scholarship looks into students’ understanding and learning of criticality. It also touches on colleagues’ understanding of criticality, how they teach it and check their students’ learning.
It is hoped this scholarship starts a conversation or extends the conversation on the subject of criticality in the classroom amongst colleagues and the findings will inform course materials, formative and summative feedback which will have a positive impact on student engagement with and learning of criticality.
Any colleague who is interested in this subject area or would like to collaborate, please contact me: