Day One: Views from precarious practitioners

EAP Practitioner Precarity and the Coronavirus Event.

11th of  May, Day One: Views from precarious practitioners

To begin the week we need to start with accounts, experiences, questions and views of precarious practitioners. Their concerns should shape the discussion for the whole week. Please comment on anything they say/write that interests you and add any of your thoughts and experiences of precarity too.

We have a number of participants and you can find their contributions below:

Nadia Hards: Nadia has produced a short audio commentary. You can access the audio by clicking here

Mirena Nalbantova: Mirena has written a text which you can can read here

Michèle le Roux: Michèle has written a short which you can read here

Zenna Marshall in conversation with Victoria Newton. You can listen to their conversation here

Tanya Fernbank: Tanya has created slides which you can download here



Tuesday 12th of May: UCU perspectives

Wednesday 13th of May: Centre Directors Perspectives

Thursday 14th May: International Perspectives