Day Four: International Perspectives

EAP Practitioner Precarity and the Coronavirus Event.

14th of  May, Day Four: International Perspectives

Today is a bit unusual as the contributors occupy a variety of roles within their respective institutions. All of these contributions offer valuable insights to those of us in the UK and elsewhere.

Jennifer MacDonald (Canada): Jennifer offers her views from Canada through a short video presentation.

Sarah von Delius (Germany): Sarah talks about her experience working in Germany

Marc Jones (Japan): Marc has produced a video talking about his concerns working in Japanese universities.

Tamara Budlov (Russia): Tamara focuses on her experience of teaching online in Russia and you can read it here

Conor O’Reilly: Conor gives his account of the impact of the virus in his workplace in the Republic of Ireland.

Jessica Garska: Jessica, like Conor, focuses on the situation in the Republic of Ireland from two perspectives – as a PhD student and practitioner.

Andrew Chung and Tess Hogue (HK)  talk about precarity from a Hong Kong perspective.

Julie Butters: Julie provides another interesting view from the republic of Ireland.

NB on Friday from 1-2pm (UK) we are hosting a panel session to discuss the issues raised during the first four days. See introduction to the event for more information


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