Language Learning Curriculum Development in the EFL/ESOL community – Alex Holloway


Language Learning Curriculum Development in the EFL/ESOL community – Alex Holloway – 
This project reflects my main scholarship interests in curriculum design and language teaching materials development. Having redesigned the curriculum for the General English Programme in the Language Centre, I now intend to document and share what this encompassed. There are three main threads which emerge from this experience:
• Firstly, I am working to share the framework of aims, materials and assessment that enabled us to turn away from traditional English as a Foreign Language (EFL) coursebooks and instead exploit contemporary authentic texts. This will hopefully assist other practitioners who are part of the growing movement to reject or challenge the dominance of publishers. By sharing this framework – which is based on a new model of communicative competence that works with the Common European Framework (CEFR) – I hope to enable others to introduce curricula which use contemporary authentic texts and encourage creative choice for both teachers and learners. To begin with, I am currently working on a paper for the Language Scholar but I will also be speaking again at the upcoming IATEFL conference as part of the Materials Writing Special Interest Group (MaWSIG) Showcase.
• Secondly, I am currently collating practical activities which can be used for exploiting authentic texts in order to develop communicative competence. I intend this to be manifested beyond the General English Programme by producing teaching materials for the charitable organisation Heart and Parcel in Manchester (an opportunity for which I am particularly grateful).
• Finally, as part of my scholarship remit, I am also an active committee member of the Northern Association for TESOL (NATESOL). This enables me to contribute to and maintain a link between the Language Centre and the wider English language learning community.
I am open to further discussions and collaborations, particularly if you have ideas for creative ways to share curriculum design and materials in the wider EFL / ESOL / EAL community. During this process of sharing what I have done, I will also be investigating other non-coursebook-driven curricula.